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Values - Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

"GETR's focus on sustainable development concentrates on three key objectives : people, safety and performance."

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Sustainability is the capacity to maintain a certain process or state indefinitely. GETR is committed to sustainable development. We are fully aware of our corporate responsibilities to contribute positively to the economic and ecological issues that concern the global community, meeting its needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

GETR's focus on sustainable development concentrates on three key objectives: people, safety and performance. Responsibility to create a lucid and effective programme proves essential to achieve an exceptional health, safety and environmental performance record.

Employing skilled and trained individuals with high levels of commitment, teamwork and ethical respect constitutes a prime workforce that can be relied upon to produce a sustainable environment. GETR ensures that the required number of people with the required skills complete the lifecycle of a project. Employees are treated fairly, exposed to opportunities and diversity. The individual's goals are defined and open feedback is essential.

We are constantly striving to improve our performance. GETR responds to challenges within the industry and environmental progress. For the foreseeable future fossil fuels continue to play a role alongside greater energy efficiency and more low-carbon energy. We aim to be involved with the major industry contributors who will produce and use fossil fuels more efficiently and who have the foresight to invest significant resources in the new technologies we need for the transition to a low-carbon future.

As a substantial company we appreciate the need to endure. This is achievable through reinvestment, continuous development, maintaining and creating quality services that meet the needs of our industry and the evoking requirements of a 21st century society.

"Economic, Social and Environmental Instructions"