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Governance - Management Record

Management Record

"With over 20 years operating and project management experience in ManPower operations and project development and supported by a world class team, GETR provides successfully implemented solutions to clients globally."

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Management Record

As Managing Director John Bardsley has over 20 years experience providing technical resource solutions to most of the leading IOCs, with particular expertise in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Caspian Regions, along with Asia/Pacific region.

Global Energy Technical Resources (GETR) adheres to the highest international standards and has in place an HSE Management system comprised of policies and processes activities based on risk assessments. All HSE plans are developed in full compliance with the respective laws and regulations, as well as with International Good Oil Field Practice.

GETR’s record incorporates

Expanding business into new markets;

Investing to grow our businesses in specialist and profitable areas both organically and through acquisition, with management retaining key equity stakes:

  • Win 4 Clients (ie. national oil companies or concession-holders) through the provision of western products and services at reduced prices.
  • Win 4 oil-service corporations through the increased sale of their products and services due to a positive cost differential.
  • Win 4 national partners through increased employment and the transfer of leading technology, standards, and practices.
  • Win 4 the group by being integrally involved in the development of the energy sector in the region.

Creating synergies and building on existing technical, commercial and financial capabilities, as well as through partnerships with select corporations and business people.