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Activity - Man Power

GETR ManPower

"Mobilises international technical ManPower, ensuring cost effectiveness whilst maintaining highest commitments for quality."

Other Sections Under Activity:

GETR's successful track-record and focused approach achieves Clients' objectives through careful consultation and efficient execution, incorporating as a matter of principle the following competencies:

  • Mobilises international technical manpower for major onshore / offshore oil & gas construction projects
  • Addresses the need for a qualified skilled workforce for construction and EPC projects
  • Sources Categories of Workforce ranging from Fabricators through to Senior Management
  • Manages third party labour providers and ensures highest quality standards of the workforce
  • Coordinates and consults with Clients to fully understand the project and corporate requirements and jointly plan the required workforce for site needs
  • Provides competent manpower utility through proven global resourcing strategies
  • Trade tests and certifies competencies of overseas, foreign and local workers.
  • Maintains an experienced and client-approved workforce which is able to be drawn upon by the project in an expedient manner
  • Ensures cost effectiveness whilst maintaining highest commitments to quality
  • Fast tracks mobilisation of Manpower teams in accordance with project critical path
  • Maintains strict competencies targets through regular testing and stringent compliance to international standards and guidelines