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Activity - Facility Solutions

GETR Facilities Solutions

"Offers cost competitive complete "turnkey" camp solutions, from design & engineering through to supply, construction, assembly and fit out. Full Catering and Operations are further offered under a complete outsourced package..."

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Getr Facilities Management

GETR typically offers complete “turnkey” camp solutions, from design & engineering through to supply, construction, assembly and fit out. Full Catering and Operations are further offered as a complete outsourced package, thereby allowing clients to focus on core competencies and potentially removing from their Balance Sheet any negative cash producing assets. From an operational perspective it allows clients to deal with only one entity instead of a myriad of designers, suppliers, contractors and local authorities. GETR works closely with clients to interpret and tailor their requirements into exact specifications. GETR organises the execution of civil works and coordinates production, logistics, assembly and installation works inorder to deliver the works on time and within budget. Catering, operations, maintenance and management, similarly utilise state-of-the-art equipment and world class teams, sensitive to the cultural norms often associated in cross cultural teams while being sensitive to the challenges of restrictive budgeting constraints. GETR’s Workers’ Facilities may incorporate (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Accommodation Complexes

    GETR ensures that the number of people to be accommodated in rooms along with floor areas etc. complies with the local and client requirements. Fully furnished design options may vary from units with common bathrooms to single/double occupancy with bathrooms attached.

  • Offices

    GETR designs and builds, fully furnished offices internet ready and available for immediate plug in for staff on practical completion.

  • Laundry

    Camp Solutions usually include laundry facilities. The size of the structure and quantity and capacity of the equipment is optimised by the number of staff hired. Care is taken with the environment to ensure sustainable practices with all water.

  • Kitchen and Dining Rooms

    Designs comply with local and international regulations and practices. Adequate amenity and sizing is allowed for architecturally while further consideration is made for capacity of the kitchen and dining hall.

  • Civil Works Including Ground Works, Roads and Parking

    Civil works are carried out according to client and local requirements. Leveling, trenches, etc. are executed by local labour and machinery if possible and training is performed as specified.
    All operations are supervised by GETR experienced site managers.

  • Social and Welfare Facilities

    Camps are increasingly required to incorporate social buildings for leisure-time activities such as internet rooms, retail shops, fitness, TV lounges and recreation rooms with pin-ball machines, snooker/billiard, table tennis etc. Labour is often sourced from various cross cultural and regional backgrounds. Sensitive faith- based facilitation can be provided to cater for such needs.

  • Clinics and First Aid

    GETR provides fully equipped medical facilities inside Camps

  • Utilities Including Power Supply, Fire, Water and Waste Water Treatment

    Mains connection or in remote areas, provision is made as self sustaining for power, water, sewage and treatment works. Moreover full waste handling is provided, all geared towards a Green and Sustainable solution.